The meat smoker machine is a machine used to smoke sausage, ham, poultry, fish, and other meat products. The main purpose of the machine is to add smoky flavor to the meat during the smoking process.

Compared with the traditional smoker oven, this fully automatic food smoker machine has the functions of drying, baking, smoking, coloring, exhausting, and so on. Therefore, the machine is widely used in meat processing plants and sausage production lines.

The smoking process typically involves slow-cooking the meat at low temperatures, usually between 200°F to 275°F (93°C to 135°C), for an extended period. The meat absorbs the flavors from the wood smoke, resulting in a distinctive smoky taste and aroma. Different types of wood, such as hickory, mesquite, applewood, cherry, and others, can be used to impart unique flavors to the meat.

Smoking meat machine
smoking meat machine

The structure of the meat smoker machine

The meat smoker machine is mainly composed of a furnace body, a heating system, a circulating air system, a smoking system, a control box, and a smoking device.

The smoker body includes a motor, heat conduction plate, U-shaped electric heating tube, independent air duct, axial flow fan, flue, temperature probe transparent glass window, etc. The smoke chamber is divided into an external smoke chamber and a built-in smoke chamber.

Heating tube-1
Heating Tube-1
Heating tube-2
Heating Tube-2
Exterior structure
Exterior Structure

How does the food smoker machine work?

There is a lower hopper above the external smoke chamber of the food smoker machine. The user can control the feeding speed of sawdust through the running speed of the stirring motor. There is a U-shaped electric heating tube inside the external smoke chamber, which can achieve the effect of uniform heating and smoke generation of materials after heating.

Meat smoker machines can produce smoke during operation. The smoke flows through the flue through the small holes on the inner wall of the machine, and under the action of the fan driven by the axial flow motor, it will be sucked back from top to bottom to make the food evenly heated and colored.

This method of smoking meat allows the meat to be browned, dried, and smoked quickly. At the same time, there is a temperature probe inside the food smoker machine, and the user can know the temperature in the furnace at any time.

Commercial meat smoker machine
commercial meat smoker machine

Technical parameters of meat smoking machine

Maximum High-Pressure Oven Temperature(℃)100100100120120
Steam consumption(kg/h)30305070140
Total power(kw)1011131511
meat smoking machine for sale

These are the 5 types of our hot selling meat smoking machines. The output of the meat smoking machine is 30-500kg/h. You can choose the right machine according to your trial needs. Besides, we can also customize the meat smoker machine according to your needs. So, what are you waiting for, hurry up and contact us.

Smoking meat machine for sale

At Taizy Meat Machinery Factory, we have a variety of meat smoking ovens with different outputs for sale. The models are TZ-30, TZ-50, TZ-100, TZ-250 and TZ-500. Different models have different sizes, power, steam consumption, temperature, etc. For details, you can refer to the introduction in the parameter table.

Take the model TZ-30 as an example, the output of this meat smoker machine is 30 kg, the maximum temperature of the oven is 100 degrees Celsius, the power is 10kw, and the size is 73x67x85cm. If you want to buy buy meat smoker machine, please feel free to contact us.

Apart from that, we also have meat processing machines such as meat bone separator machines and meat dicer machines for sale.

Small meat smoking oven
small meat smoking oven

Advantages of Taizy meat smoker machine

  1. The machine to smoke meat is made of stainless steel and meets food hygiene standards.
  2. The door of the smoke oven is a special explosion-proof glass door. The user can observe the smoking situation of the meat at any time and can eliminate unexpected accidents in time.
  3. Taizy commercial meat smoker machine has the characteristics of uniform heating and coloring.
  4. The temperature probe inside the machine can check the heating temperature at any time.
  5. The meat smoker machine has an automatic alarm function.
  6. Two heating methods for customers to choose from steam heating and electric heating
  7. The performance of the machine is stable and the failure rate is low.

How to clean a meat smoker?

Machine to smoke meat cleaning points

Cleaning times

Clean after each smoking.

Cleaning location

The smoke pipe and the inside of the box. Under the condition of sufficient pump pressure, it is allowed to open all at the same time. There is also a cover plate for manual opening and cleaning at the position of the smoke pipe, which can be opened to clean the internal dirt if necessary.

Rinse time and dosage

Use 3-5% caustic soda diluent to clean, then rinse with clean water to remove residual strong alkaline cleaning solution or dirt.

Cleaning method

1. When the temperature of the cabinet rises to 70-80°C, use a water pump to spray cleaning fluid. Keep the soaking time for 2-3 minutes, then pour clean water into the cleaning bucket.
2. Rinse the meat smoker machine with clean water, and increase the number of rinses with water if necessary.

Cleaning precautions

1. Do not allow water to splash on the smoking meat machine control box and computer.
2. Operators must wear protective equipment when cleaning.