An egg grader machine is an automated device used to grade eggs by weight. Egg grading machines are usually composed of conveyor belts, sensors, electronic scales, and computer control systems. The machine can automatically classify a large number of eggs into 5, 6, or 7 grades in a short period of time.

The machine greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of egg grading. Today, egg grader machines are widely used in commercial egg production and sales industries, large catering establishments, and feedlots.

Hot sale egg grading equipment
hot sale egg grading equipment

How does an egg grader machine work?

The egg grading equipment has two different grading methods: electronic grading and mechanical grading. Electronic grading works as follows.

First the eggs need to be placed on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt then sends the eggs to the electronic scales. The electronic scale then weighs the eggs and sends the weight data to a computer control system. The computer control system divides the eggs into different grades according to the preset grading standards. For example, the egg grader machine can classify eggs into 5, 6, or 7 grades according to different weights. This is the complete egg grading system.

According to the grading results, the computer control system distributes the eggs to different output channels for subsequent processes such as egg coding and egg packaging.

Working process
working process

Technical parameters of egg grading equipment

Power218w, 50hz9.2kw, 50hz227W,50HZ1.1kw, 50hz
Voltage220v, single phase380v-415v, 3 phase220v, single phase220v-240v, single phase/380v-415v, 3 phase
Net weight(kg)160900200550

As can be seen from the table, we have large scale egg grading machine and small scale egg grading machine for sale. The output of the small egg grader is 4000 eggs per hour, and the output of the large egg grading machine is 10000 eggs per hour.

Small scale egg grading machine

Through the table, we can know that the processing capacity of the small egg grading equipment is 4000 per hour. The picture is below.

Small scale egg grading machine
small scale egg grading machine

large scale egg grader machine

Through the table, we can know that the processing capacity of the large egg grading machine is 4000 per hour. The picture is below.

Large scale egg grader machine
large scale egg grader machine

What are the benefits of using an egg grader machine?

  • Improved work efficiency: The egg grading machine can automatically grade a large number of eggs in a short time, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of egg grading.
  • Improved accuracy: Traditional manual grading is prone to errors, while the egg grader machine uses electronic scales and computer-controlled egg grading systems to greatly reduce grading errors.
  • Reduced labor cost: Using an egg grading plant can reduce labor costs. Because there is no need to employ a large amount of manpower for manual grading. It also reduces egg damage due to human manipulation.
  • Improved product quality: the egg classifier can classify eggs according to their weight. This ensures consistent egg weights for each grade.
  • Convenient and fast: The egg grading machine greatly improves production efficiency and productivity.
Applications of egg grader machine
applications of egg grader machine

What are the different types of egg graders available in the market?

There are various types of egg grading machines available in the market, such as weight, shape, color, and general, and small egg grading machines. Different types of egg graders can grade eggs according to different measurements. You can choose the right machine according to your needs.

Why do we grade eggs?

  1. Meeting market demand: Different markets have different requirements for the size and weight of eggs. Grading eggs can meet the market demand and increase the sales value of eggs.
  2. Improve production efficiency: Egg grading equipment can grade a large number of eggs in a short time, improving production efficiency and efficiency.

Where can I buy an egg grader machine?

  1. Enterprise official website. Now there are qualified large food machinery manufacturing companies are established enterprise’s official websites on Google. Most of these companies have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of products and export experience.
  2. Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms. Many egg grading machine manufacturers have opened stores on e-commerce platforms. You can buy machines on Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and other e-commerce platforms.
  3. Physical stores: Some stores such as household products and kitchen utensils also sell egg grader machines. You can visit your local brick-and-mortar store to make your purchase.