Commercial meat mincer machine is a machine used to process meat pieces into granular meat fillings with uniform thickness. Customers can use it in many places. The most common places where this machine is used are large restaurants and centralized canteens. However, in our transaction case, many meat processing manufacturers will purchase this machine. Because it can easily process meat pieces into granular meat fillings, which is very labor-saving. And will not affect the taste of the meat. Next, we will introduce the relevant information about this machine in detail.

Industrial meat grinder machine for sale
industrial meat grinder machine for sale

Working principle of commercial meat mincer machine

Firstly, we need to switch on the machine. Then put in the meat material. With the rotation of the screw feeder, the materials will be continuously sent to the cutter for chopping. Because the screw pitch behind the screw feeder should be smaller than the front, and the diameter of the screw shaft behind should be larger than the front. This produces a certain squeezing force on the material. This force forces the chopped meat out of the holes in the grid. Finally, we can get minced meat. And minced meat can be used to make meatballs and burger patty.

Characteristics of industrial meat grinder machine

  1. The machine parts are made of 304 stainless steel and meet food safety standards.
  2. The machine has short meat grinding process and good effect. This means that the temperature rise is low, which is conducive to better extending the shelf life.
  3. Commercial meat mincer machine has a wide range of applications.
  4. The machine adopts double knives and three nets for coarse, medium, and fine cutting, and the meat is beautiful.
  5. Double-sided knife. Double-sided high-quality blades make the meat cut more evenly.
  6. The meat grinder has casters that are easy to move.
Finished product
finished product

How to use a meat mincer machine?

The use of an heavy duty commercial meat grinder is very simple. The correct way is to turn on the machine switch first, and then put the materials into the machine inlet. Then the machine will automatically produce meat strips with uniform thickness. Note that the feeding shall be uniform to avoid blocking.

How to clean a commercial meat mincer machine?

First prepare clean brushes, test tube brushes, and other auxiliary supplies. Then remove the meat grinder in the opposite direction. First, clean out the meat foam and meat pieces in the machine cavity. Then soak the machine in warm water containing detergent. Clean all parts with a brush. Finally, rinse it twice with tap water and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

Meat grinding machine
meat grinding machine

Where can you buy a meat mincer?

With the process of China’s industrialization, many mechanical equipments can be found in China. And there will be special factories to produce these machines. The large commercial meat grinder is a commonly used meat processing machine. More and more Chinese factories produce this machine. Therefore, buyers from many countries buy machines in China. Because the price of Chinese machines is not expensive, and the quality is more guaranteed. Therefore, if you want to buy a meat grinder machine, we recommend you buy it in China.

Commercial meat grinder for sale
commercial meat grinder for sale

How to find the best meat grinder?

  1. Durability. A commercial meat grinder needs to be able to withstand the amount you plan to use. You should choose durable stainless steel.
  2. Machine size. Think about your restaurant, kitchen, or butcher’s space. If the machine you are looking for is too large to fit in the room, it will have a great impact on you.
  3. Buy machines that are easy to use. There are two types of grinder machine in the market, manual and electric. The large electric meat grinder is more suitable for mass production.
  4. Buy machines that are easy to clean. With the passage of time, minced meat will be left on the machine more or less, and bacteria will breed over a long period of time, making your customers face serious disease risks. Therefore, the ideal commercial meat mincer machine should be easy to clean.


What is the difference between meat mincer and grinder?

In fact, meat mincer and meat grinder are the same machines, only they have different names.

What is the price of commercial meat mincer?

The price of the machine is influenced by factors such as production, shipping costs, and exchange rates. If you want to know the price of the industrial meat grinder, please tell us your expected output and country.