Meat bone separator is mainly used to separate the bones and meat of poultry or other meat. The meat processed by the separator machine is mushy.

The meat bone separator can effectively remove the bones in the meat. The separated meat is of high quality, the damage to the meat fibrous tissue is light, and there is no bone residue in the meat.

Minced meat can be used to make meatballs, sausages, and meat cakes.

Poultry deboning machine
poultry deboning machine

Working principle of meat bone separator

The poultry deboning machine mainly uses the mechanical screening principle to break and filter the meat and bone raw materials. Then separate the minced meat from the bone particles. The meat bone separator is composed of a feed inlet, a screw press, two outlets (minced meat outlet and bone residue outlet), a motor, a body, and a base.

Firstly, the meat should be put into the feed port. The rotating screw will continuously push the material forward to the bone and meat separation chamber. In the bone and meat separation chamber, the pressing screw will generate strong pressure driven by the motor. This pressure will crush the bones and flesh into pieces. The separated minced meat is squeezed out from the gap of the filter screen. And finally discharged from the discharge port. Bone debris will be discharged from another outlet.

Good effiency meat bone separating equipment
good effiency meat bone separating equipment

Working video of poultry deboning machine

Advantages of Taizy meat bone separator machine

  1. The machine is made of stainless steel. It is meet the food hygiene requirements. And it has the characteristics of ruggedness and durability
  2. The machine is simple in structure and easy to clean.
  3. The machine is highly efficient and can handle 300 kg of meat per hour.
  4. The meat mince produced is of good quality, the damage to meat fiber tissue is light, and there is no bone residue in the meat
  5. Wide application range. You can use this poultry deboning machine as a fish meat separator, a chicken bone remover, and other meat separators.
Working process of meat bone separator
working process of meat bone separator

Machine parameters

Power (kw)5.5
Voltage (v)380/50hz
Meat yield70-80% (Depending on meat content)
Output (kg/h)300kg
Weight (kg)≈500
Size (mm)≈1450*650*1250

The output of this meat bone separator is 300 kg/h. The weight is about 500 kg. the meat yield is 70-80%. It depends on the meat content.

Structure of the meat bone separator
structure of the meat bone separator

Application scope of poultry deboning machine

Because it is made of minced meat, the machine can be widely used in meat processing plants such as meatball processing plants and sausage processing plants. In the application of sausage, we can make pork ham sausage, Taiwan roast sausage, lunch meat, Frankfurter Würstchen, lunch sausage, etc. This machine can also be used for bone and flesh separation, fish bone separation, and fruit core separation. We can use the broken bone dregs to make bone soup, animal nutrition feed, bone powder, and soup base. At the same time, the trouble of grinding bone with a bone grinding machine is also avoided.

Poultry deboner
poultry deboner

Meat bone separator machine for sale

In the Taizy meat machine factory, we have a variety of models of bone and meat separators for sale. In fact, there are many kinds of this meat bone srparator. Among them, the hot-selling model is TZ-300. Because of its moderate price, the output also meets the requirements of most customers. In addition to TZ-300, we also have many other production machines for sale to meet the needs of different customers. If you need our meat bone separator, please feel free to contact us.