The chicken feet processing line can remove the yellow skin on the surface of the chicken feet, and the final processed chicken feet are clean in segments.

Therefore, this production line is widely used in chicken feet processing plants and food processing plants.

Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to this production line, as well as the chicken feet processing machine included in the production line.

Chicken feet processing line
chicken feet processing line

Complete chicken feet processing line

The main processing processes of the whole chicken feet processing line include blanching, peeling, cleaning, cutting and packaging.

Braised chicken feet
Braised Chicken Feet
Chicken feet with pickled peppers
Chicken Feet With Pickled Peppers

Blanching Machine

The blanching machine is the first machine in the chicken feet processing line. The function of the machine is to heat the chicken feet with high-temperature steam, so as to facilitate subsequent peeling. It can also make the chicken feet clean. As the name implies, steam heating is to use steam to heat chicken feet. The staff can control the temperature of the steam. Water consumption is generally 7-8 tons per day.

Motor Power3kw/380v
Blanching machine
blanching machine

Chicken feet skin peeling machine

Peeling is an important process of the whole chicken feet processing line. Therefore, the chicken feet skin peeling machine is also one of the important chicken feet processing machines. This machine is used to remove the yellow skin of chicken feet. There is a glue stick with a spindle inside the chicken feet peeling machine. Under the rotation of the machine, the chicken feet can be flapped to remove the skin of the chicken feet. The processed chicken feet will be discharged from the bottom of the machine.

Water consumption7-8t/day
Motor power2.2kw/380v
Chicken feet skin peeling machine
chicken feet skin peeling machine

Chicken feet cleaning machine

There will be some impurities on the surface of chicken feet after peeling. In order to make the skin of chicken feet cleaner. A chicken feet cleaning machine is required to remove these impurities.

ModelWeight(kg)Motor power(kw)Dimension(mm)
Chicken feet cleaning machine
chicken feet cleaning machine

Chicken feet cutting machine

The last process in the chicken feet processing line is cutting. You need to use a chicken feet cutting machine to cut off the large bones on the chicken feet. The finished product is shown in the picture below.

Chicken feet cutting machine
Chicken Feet Cutting Machine
Finished products
Finished Products

Vacuum packaging machine

According to the requirements of different customers, we can provide vacuum packaging machines. Vacuum packing machine can pack chicken feet well and extend their shelf life.

Vacuum package machine
vacuum package machine

How to skin chicken feet easily?

The chicken feet peeling machine can easily peel the chicken feet. We all know that chicken feet processing is a tedious and time-consuming process. But the chicken feet peeling machine can peel the chicken feet in one minute. Moreover, the peeling effect is good and the cleaning rate is high. After being processed by the chicken feet skin peeling machine, the chicken feet will automatically come out of the outlet. And the machine is very easy to operate, which greatly saves manpower. If you are looking for an easy way to remove the skin of chicken feet, this machine is a good choice for you.

By the way, we also have chicken cutting machine and chicken bone grinder for sale. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

Chicken feet processing machine
chicken feet processing machine

Video of chicken feet processing line

Advantages of chicken feet processing line

  1. High degree of automation. The whole chicken feet processing line only needs two people to operate safely.
  2. High output. This production line can process 2 tons of chicken feet per hour.
  3. High peeling rate. The chicken feet treated by the blanching machine at high temperature are then peeled by the chicken feet peeling machine, which makes the peeling rate of chicken feet very high.
  4. Stainless steel material. The production line is made of stainless steel, which is strong, durable and easy to clean.
  5. Simple operation.