Fish deboner machine is a machine for extracting fish meat. At the same time, this machine is also a kind of meat grinder. The deboner machine can realize the separation of fish meat, fish skin, and fish bone so that we can get clean fish meat. No matter what kind of fish, you can use the fish meat bone separator machine. Therefore, this machine is widely used to produce fish balls and other fish products. At present, many restaurants, hotels, food processing factories, and other places are using this machine.

Fish deboner machine
fish deboner machine

Characteristics of automatic fish deboner machine

Here is the main character of the commercial fish deboner.

  1. All parts in contact with fish are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food safety standards.
  2. The fish meat collection rate of the fish deboner machine is as high as 95%.
  3. The machine is applicable to all fishes.
  4. The machine can effectively improve the utilization rate of fish.
  5. We can use the collected fish to make fish balls, fish tofu, fish dumplings, fish paste, and other foods.
Application scope of fish deboning machine
application scope of fish deboning machine

What is the working principle of the fish meat bone separator machine?

The commercial fish deboner is equipped with a meat barrel and a rubber belt for pressing meat. When the machine is running, there will be a mutual pressing movement between the rolling meat barrel and the rubber belt to squeeze the fish into the meat barrel. The fish skin and bones will be left outside the meat barrel and sent out of the machine by a scraper. The fish will come out of another outlet.

Fish bones and skins come out of the machine
fish bones and skins come out of the machine

How to use the fish deboner machine correctly?

When dealing with fish, big fish and small fish have different methods of collecting fish meat. If it is a small fish, then we can put the fish directly into the machine. If you are dealing with large fish, you need to remove the viscera and scales of the fish. The recommended machines are scaler and meat cutter. In addition, check the machine for problems before use. Let’s idle for 30 seconds and observe. And we can’t put hands and other hard objects into the feed opening when the machine is working. Turn off the power immediately after the work is finished, and clean up the broken meat in the machine.

Is there a machine to debone fish?

The fish deboner machine can remove the bones and skin of fish, leaving only the flesh. And the fish meat collected by the commercial fish deboner can make fish balls, fish tofu, fish dumplings, and other products. The fish bone removal machine of Taize machinery has a fish meat collection rate of 95%. Therefore, we can use the machine in food processing plants and seafood processing plants. By the way, our machine can also process shrimp. Therefore, if you need a machine to remove fish bones, then our machine will be a good choice.

Fish meat bone separator
fish meat bone separator


  1. Can the fish deboner machine clean the fish?
    Yes, the collected fish meat is sent out of the machine through the roller, and the fish skin and bones are left outside the meat barrel
  2. Can you clean the fish bone?
    The mesh diameter can be as small as 3mm, which can completely clean the fish bones.
  3. Is it all stainless steel?
    Except that the frame and the gear in the motor are cast iron, other parts are stainless steel.
  4. Will it rust?
    No, all the bodies that can touch the fish are made of stainless steel.
  5. Can you make the mesh bigger?
    The maximum is 5mm
  6. Can I collect fish pieces?
    No, the maximum mesh diameter is 5m
  7. Output per hour?
    At least 180kg.
  8. Do you want to remove internal organs or scrape scales?
    Small fish don’t need it. Big fish need to be eviscerated and scaled.
Brand new fish deboner machine shipped to india
brand new fish deboner machine shipped to India