Fish slicer machine is a common fish processing machine in Taizy meat machinery. This machine can imitate the way of artificial slicing to cut the whole piece of fish into slices with uniform thickness. The thickness of the fish slice can be adjusted. The thickness of the fillets can vary from 1mm to 40mm. We can customize the cutting angle of the machine according to the customer’s needs (15-45 degrees). In addition, the Taizy fish slicer can slice any fish. Last week, our customer bought a filleting machine to cut salmon. Therefore, if you want to buy a salmon filleting machine, this machine is a good choice.

Fish slicer machine
fish slicer machine

Working video of fish slicer machine

What is the working principle of the fish fillet machine?

The commercial fish fillet machine simulates the principle of manual slicing, and drives the feeding device and cutter set under the action of the motor and gearbox. The cutter group consists of 50-80 knives arranged evenly. After putting the fish into the machine, press the rising button, and the feeding device will move towards the blade. The fish will then be sliced crosswise with a razor blade. This is the reason why the fully automatic fish fillet machine cuts the fish meat into fish slices obliquely.

Fillets of different thicknesses
fillets of different thicknesses

Technical parameter

NameFish Slicer Machine
Size (mm)1030*700*850
Voltage (v)220

The above are just the technical parameters of one of our fish slicer machine. At Taizy Meat Machinery, we have a variety of fish slicer machine for customers to choose from. The thickness of fish slices can be cut to 1mm to 40mm. If customers have other thickness requirements, we can also provide customized services. In addition, our company also has a fish deboning machine for you to remove fish bones.

Advantages of the fish slicing machine

  1. Easy to move. There are rollers at the bottom of the automatic fresh fish slicer machine to make it easy to move.
  2. Consolidation and high efficiency. The machine can process common edible fish, and the efficiency is equivalent to 20 people. Moreover, the machine will not damage the fish, and the sliced fish will remain its original shape.
  3. The thickness of the fish fillet is adjustable. This machine can adjust the slice thickness, slice speed and slice angle. The moving speed of the cutter can be adjusted to 64-280 times per minute.
  4. The sliced fish is even in thickness.
  5. The slicer is made of food-grade stainless steel. It has the characteristics of not being easy to drop slag and being hygienic.
  6. Easy to clean. The fish slicing machine is simple in structure, so it is easy to clean.
Slicing effect of the fish filleter machine
slicing effect of the fish filleter machine

Application scope of the fish slicer machine

The fish filleting machine can fillet a wide variety of fresh, dried and micro-frozen fish, such as salmon, grass carp, black fish, mackerel, carp, salmon, guppy, tilapia, sea bass, barramundi, etc. The machine is also suitable for slicing pancetta, beef pancetta, pork liver, beef liver, squid and other soft meat ingredients. It’s suitable for hotels, restaurants, aquatic processing and other catering industry. At the same time, the fish slicer machine is also commonly used in hot pot restaurants, pickled fish, boiled fish stores, canteens, hotels and other types of catering companies.

Product application
product application

How to clean the fish filleting machine?

The machine should be cleaned after each use. The areas that need to be cleaned are the fish tray and the slit of the blade. When cleaning, you only need to rinse the crevices and surface of the plate and blades with water. But be careful not to use hard objects to knock the fish fillet machine, so as not to damage the parts of the machine. While using the machine, you need to regularly fill the oil filling hole labeled with the word “oil” to make the machine have enough lubrication. The surface of the fish slicer knife holder and the machine can be wiped with diluted cooking oil. If the fish slicer machine is not used for a long time, it should be covered with a cloth after cleaning to facilitate the next use.