Fish meat bone separator

Fish Bone Separator Machine Sold to Romania

In January 2024, a Romanian customer purchased a fish bone separator machine with a capacity of 180 kg/h from our company.

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Shipment picture

Frozen Meat Dicing Machine Sold to Indonesia

In November, 2023, our Indonesian customer purchased a frozen meat dicing machine from our company. The output of the machine is 300-500kg/h

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Egg sorting machine

Taizy Egg Grader for Sale in Ireland

In the heart of Ireland's thriving food industry, where quality and efficiency are paramount. Taizy Meat Machinery is a pioneering force in the manufacturing of meat and egg processing equipment.....

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Commercial burger patty maker

Commercial Burger Making Machine Exported to Spain

Commercial burger making machine is a machine that can make all kinds of meat into patties. In September 2022, our Spanish customer Alonzo purchased a commercial burger patty maker from....

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Bone grinder delivery picture

Beef Bone Grinder Wad Sold to UK

As a machine specialized in crushing bones, beef bone grinder are widely used in various countries. In February 2022, a British customer, Harry, ordered a beef bone grinder from our....

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Fish meat bone separator machine

Fish Meat Bone Separator is Sent to Malaysia

It is well known that fish is good for human health. The research shows that compared with those who eat red meat, those who eat fish meat have a 21%,....

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Mutton rolls made by frozen meat cutter

American Customers Bought Commercial Frozen Meat Cutter

Commercial frozen meat cutter is a machine for slicing frozen meat according to a little proportion or width by using the sharp cutting surface of the slicer. This machine is....

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Frozen meat grinder

Frozen Meat Grinder Exported to the Philippines

Frozen meat grinder is a machine that can make all kinds of meat into granular strips with uniform thickness. It is a machine for grinding frozen meat. Due to its....

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Chicken cutter machine packing picture

Taizy Automatic Meat Cutting Machine Sold to France

Automatic meat cutting machine is one of the most important machines in meat processing machinery. It can cut all kinds of meat into small pieces of uniform size. Therefore, as....

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Commercial beef bone crusher machine

The Bone Mincer Was Shipped to Canada

A bone mincer is a machine used to crush the bones of poultry and animals. The machine can make bone powder, bone paste, and bone fragments. Therefore, many meat processing....

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