The bone grinder is a machine used to grind animal bones. With the help of this machine, bones can be easily changed into bone powder, bone mud, and bone fragments.

Therefore, this machine can also be used as a bone grinder for bone meals. Due to its wide range of applications, many food processing plants and meat processing plants are using this machine.

Working process of industrial bone grinder

video of bone and meat grinder

What is the working principle of an industrial bone grinding machine?

The bone grinding machine mainly consists of a raw material inlet, crushing chamber, cutter, regulating system, transmission system, motor, and outlet.

After the material enters the crushing chamber, the blades in the crushing chamber will rotate at high speed. The bone is shredded in the continuous rotation and cutting of such a knife.

Finally, the crushed bone will be discharged from the outlet. In addition, our machine can grind bones into three different finenesses. You only need to adjust the clearance between the stator and the rotor.

Working process of the bone grinding machine
working process of the bone grinding machine

Parameters of bone crusher

ModelCapacity (kg)Feeding Size (mm)Power (kw)Weight (kg)Dimension (mm)
7 models of bone crusher machine for sale

The figure shows the parameters of 7 bone breaking machines. This machine has different production capacities, feed sizes, weights, and sizes. You can choose the machine you need according to your own needs.

Advantages of Taizy bone grinder

  1. The blade of the industrial bone grinder is made of high-carbon steel. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency and long service life.
    There are many styles for you to choose from. It can meet the production needs of most customers.
  2. The contact part between the machine and the materials is made of food-grade material.
  3. Customers can adjust three different grinding fineness according to their needs: coarse grinding area, fine grinding area, and ultra-fine grinding area.
  4. The machine is simple to operate.
Blade of the machine
blade of the machine

Where to buy a bone grinder?

Taizy Meat Machinery is a company that specializes in the design, production, and sale of various meat processing equipment, including bone grinding machines.

They offer a range of machinery and tools designed for meat processing, such as bone grinders, meat slicers, meat smoker machines, meat dicers, and more. If you need a high quality bone grinding machine, please feel free to contact us.

Commercial beef bone crusher machine
commercial beef bone crusher machine

Application of bone crushing machine

Generally speaking, the bone crusher can grind different kinds of animal bones. The most common bones are pig bone, cattle bone, chicken bone, sheep bone, and fish bone.

In addition, the bone crushing machine can also grind a variety of meat. It can also break traditional Chinese medicine, spices, and other spices.

Therefore, the bone crushing machine is widely used in sausage factories, ham factories, spice factories, meatball factories, and other food factories. In July, a Canadian customer purchased a bone crusher for his meat processing plant.

Bone crusher machine being packed
bone crusher machine being packed

Can you grind bone in a meat grinder?

You can’t use a fresh meat grinder or a frozen meat grinder to grind bones. Because the meat grinder is specially designed for meat. The sharpness, hardness, and material of the machine blades are configured according to the nature of the meat.

We all know that bones are tough. If you use an ordinary meat grinder to grind bones, you will not only not grind the bones but also damage the blades of the machine.

Therefore, we recommend using a special bone grinder to grind bones. Of course, the bone grinder can grind meat. If you are looking for the best meat grinder for bones, please get in touch with us.

Commercial bone grinder machine
commercial bone grinder machine

What grinder can grind bones?

A professional bone grinder machine can grind bones. Taizy industrial meat and bone grinder can grind pig bone, cattle bone, chicken bone, sheep bone, and fish bone into bone powder and broken bone. Whether you need small or large-scale machines, our industrial meat and bone grinders can meet your needs (20-2200 kg/h).

How to maintain and clean a bone crusher machine?

Maintaining and cleaning a bone crusher machine is crucial to ensure its longevity and efficiency. To begin, disassemble the bone grinder carefully, paying attention to each component, including the blades, grinding plates, and hopper.

Use a mild detergent solution and warm water to soak these parts, removing any residue of bone fragments or grease buildup. A small brush or toothbrush can aid in reaching intricate areas. Rinse thoroughly and allow all parts to air dry completely before reassembling the bone grinder.

Regular cleaning after each use prevents bacterial growth and extends the lifespan of your bone crusher machine, ensuring optimal performance for processing bones and other materials.