Frozen meat grinder is a machine that can make all kinds of meat into granular strips with uniform thickness. It is a machine for grinding frozen meat. Due to its wide application range, many large restaurants and centralized canteens will use this machine. But in our transaction case, many meat processing manufacturers will buy this machine. Because the use of commercial meat grinder is not only very labor-saving but also does not affect the taste of meat. A Filipino customer ordered a frozen meat grinder from our company. This is the second time he has ordered machines from our company.

Meat grinding machine
meat grinding machine

Parameters of frozen meat grinder

ModelPowerVoltageCapacityMaterialUsed forKnife/Sieves materialSize
TZ-1005.5kw380v 50hz 3 phase300-500kg/h304 stainless steel-18°C frozen meatAlloy steel900*600*960mm

The table shows the specific parameters of the frozen meat grinder purchased by the customer from our company. It can handle frozen meat at minus 18 degrees. The production capacity of this machine is 300-500 kg / h. The material of the machine is 304 stainless steel, which means that the material of the machine meets food safety standards. In addition, the blade is made of durable alloy steel. Therefore, this machine can process all kinds of such meat. In addition, we also have the commercial fresh meat grinder for sale.

Finished product
finished product

How many national customers have purchased meat grinder from us?

As a manufacturer with more than 10 years of meat machinery production experience, our frozen meat grinder has been exported to the Philippines, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, France, and other countries. This means that we have rich experience in machinery production and export. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.