Before the advent of commercial meat mincer, cutting meat and chopping meat was a laborious and time-consuming thing. After the commercial meat grinder was invented, we just need to put the meat into the meat grinder machine to easily shred the meat. For those who are ready to start commercial mincer, how to choose a commercial meat grinder? What should be paid attention to when using meat mincer has become a problem. Next, we will introduce these matters to you.

Commercial meat mincer machine
commercial meat mincer machine

Operation process of commercial meat mincer

When using the commercial meat mincer machine, it is recommended to pause every 20 seconds. When the motor has abnormal conditions such as heating and odor, it must be stopped for cooling before use. Otherwise, the service life will be shortened or the motor will be burnt. The continuous use time shall not exceed 1 minute. If there is an instruction manual, use it first according to the instruction manual.

  1. Flushing
    A simple rinse is required before each use. The main purpose of flushing before use is to remove floating dust and other substances in the machine. In addition, it also makes mincing meat easier. The process is convenient for cleaning after work
  2. Installation
    When installing, put the roller into the machine cavity and drop a few drops of cooking oil on the rotating shaft. Install the cutter head on the roller. At this time, the knife edge faces outward. Install the leak on the cutter head to make it fit with the machine cavity. The installation of the hinge is the last link. Note that the handle faces outward and fits into the gap.
  3. Working
    When working, remove the skin and bones of the meat, and then cut it into long strips. Be careful not to chop too much, and add the meat from the feeding port. Then turn the handle clockwise. When the hand feels a little heavy when rotating, it indicates that the meat has come out. When the hand feeling of rotation is light, it indicates that there is no meat in it and it needs to continue to add meat.
  4. Cleaning
    The commercial meat mincer can be disassembled in the opposite direction with the help of a toothbrush and other tools to clean the meat foam in the cavity. Then place the machine in warm water with dry cleaning detergent and gently clean the parts with a toothbrush. Finally, let the cool place ventilate.