The color, quality, and hardness of frozen meat determine the state of the frozen meat slicer machine be adjusted, so as to improve the meat cutting efficiency. When not in use, the machine should be adjusted Daily:

Small scale frozen meat slicer machine
small scale frozen meat slicer machine

Daily adjustment of frozen meat slicer machine

  1. Check whether the wiring is correct and in strict accordance with the wiring diagram of the frozen meat slicer . Check whether the inching and stopping control manual control device is correct. Check whether the running direction of the main motor is correct.
  2. Lubricating oil shall be added to the reducer of the traction wheel.
  3. Connect the oil pipe according to the working principle. After confirming that all parts and systems are free of obstacles and other abnormal phenomena, the frozen meat slicer can be started for a no-load operation test run.
  4. Select accessories with matching models. As a commonly used food machine, it should be kept clean before use to prevent food from being contaminated.
Four rolls meat slicer
four rolls meat slicer

The correct operation sequence of meat slicer

Correct operation sequences can quickly improve the efficiency of the machine. At the same time, the damage to the frozen slicer can be reduced.

  1. Place the meat to be processed on the stage, and pay attention to the light placing action to avoid deformation of the support plate. Then push the handle to the left side of the meat. Be careful not to push too much, so that the meat cannot slide freely. Then the pressing block is rotated and placed on the upper end of the meat.
  2. Adjust the thickness adjustment handle of the frozen meat slicer machine until it reaches the thickness of the meat to be processed.
  3. Start the power switch and the blade starts to run. Pay attention to whether the rotation direction of the blade is correct and whether there is abnormal friction noise.

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