Commercial frozen meat cutter is a machine for slicing frozen meat according to a little proportion or width by using the sharp cutting surface of the slicer. This machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing plants, and other units. Commercial frozen meat slicer are also called lamb rolls and mutton roll machines. In January 2022, American customers ordered this machine from our company to cut mutton.

Commercial frozen meat cutter
commercial frozen meat cutter

How do we solve problems for our customers?

According to his clients, he runs a restaurant in California, USA. He needs a small commercial frozen meat cutter to cut mutton. After understanding the needs of customers, our salesman Elva recommended a small automatic frozen meat slicer for him. A small machine can cut two rolls of meat at the same time.

After a long time of communication, the customer said that he could not pay the full amount due to insufficient funds. Later, Elva suggested that the customer pay half of the deposit first because the stock period of the machine is also very long. After the machine is delivered, the remaining funds can be paid. The customer was very satisfied with this plan. Then he paid us a deposit.

Parameters of the small commercial meat slicer

2.2kw50-300kg/h1200*560*1200mmWeightCut 2 rollers per time