Automatic shish kebab machine is a machine used to skewer lamb and other meats. With the help of shish kebab making machine, workers can greatly improve the efficiency of threading the skewers. Compared to manual skewering, the meat skewer machine of Taizy meat machinery can thread a meat skewer in 1.5-2 seconds. It can thread 2000 meat skewers per hour. Therefore, Our machine is widely used in meat skewer factories and barbecue restaurants.

Automatic shish kebab machine
automatic shish kebab machine

What is the structure of the automatic shish kebab machine?

This machine includes a conveyor belt, power supply indication, skewer detection sensor, skewer device, anti-double skewer device, rear case, skewer bucket, oil-water separator, conveyor belt motor, and mold. From the structure of the machine, we can see that this shish kebab machine has the features of powerful and high threading efficiency.

Machine structure
machine structure

Shish kebab machine for sale

Cover materialStainless steel + food-grade PE plasticsWork efficiency1.5-2.0 seconds/wearing 
Use MotivationPneumatic powerMeat skewer speed1800-2000 wearing skewers/h
Control sectionMicrocomputer controlSize1000*1000*350mm
Weight30kgLength of type 30 skewer250-300mm
Motor Power60kwType 35300-350mm
Voltage220vType 40350-400mm
Leakage ProtectionHaveSkewer diameter3.0-3.5mm

As we can see from the table, we have two models of shish kebab machine for sale. They are Type 35 and Type 40. The skewering efficiency is 1800-2000 skewers per hour per hour. This is much faster than manual labor.

Working Principle of automatic shish kebab machine

The automatic shish kebab machine uses a combination of pneumatic and electric principles for threading lamb. First, we need to put the meat in the mold. When the machine starts working, the conveyor belt of the machine will push the mold forward. A sensor inside the machine receives the signal and sends a command. The air pump then pushes the skewering device to skewer the meat. By the way, we need to use the meat dicer to cut the meat into pieces before stringing.

Meat skewer machine
meat skewer machine

Advantages of the machine

  1. The electric shish kebab maker works precisely. The microcomputer control system can ensure the accuracy of machine work.
  2. Anti-double skewer device can prevent double penetration string.
  3. Wide application of the machine. The shish kebab maker machine can not only skewer lamb but also skewer other meat and sugar gourd and other ingredients.
  4. The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. And the mold is made of food-grade PE material. Therefore, the machine has the characteristics of safety and hygiene.
  5. High working efficiency. The speed of nearly 2000 skewers per hour is more than 10 times of manual skewers.
  6. Easy to clean.
  7. Easy to operate. The machine can be operated by only one person.
  8. Easy to move. The machine is equipped with movable rollers underneath, so it is easy to move.
Shish kebab machine for sale
shish kebab machine for sale

Application scope of the automatic shish kebab machine

Mutton skewer machine can make various kinds of skewer products such as chicken skewers, meat rib skewers, chicken heart skewers, chicken Jen skewers, spicy hot skewers, vegetable skewers, beef skewers, squid skewers, seaweed skewers, toasted bread skewers, hawthorn skewer, yam skewer, fruit skewer, etc.

Application scope of the shish kebab making machine
Application scope of the shish kebab making machine

How to choose a trustworthy meat skewer machine manufacturer?

  1. Company qualification. A qualified company needs to have a perfect company certificate, such as a CE certificate, etc.
  2. Machine quality. In the pictures and videos of the machine sent by sales, you can observe whether there are obvious problems with the details of the machine.
  3. After-sales service. You should ask about the warranty of the machine beforehand.
  4. Judging whether the export experience is rich. Ask if the automatic shish kebab machine manufacturer has rich export experience. This can reduce a lot of shipping problems.