The fish dryer machine is a machine specially used for drying fish. This machine can quickly heat up in a short time and quickly remove water from fish. The fish drying method is not only fast but also sanitary and convenient for storage.

Factory display
factory display

How does a fish dryer work?

The fish dryer machine uses a hot air stove to heat the air to form hot air to dry materials. Double circulation hot air circulation system can quickly evaporate water in fish. The thermostatic system of the machine can accurately maintain the temperature of the box. This can speed up the drying of fish. The automatic dehumidification system can not only discharge the evaporated water quickly but also accurately maintain the best drying humidity of the fish drying machine.


Technical parameter

ModelFan (pieces)Trolley (set)Trays (piece)Motor (kw)Machine size (m)

The above are the parameters of three fish dryer machines. The dimensions of the machine are 3.2*2.5*2.2m, 5.8*2.5*2.2m, and 9.8*2.5*2.2m respectively. Of course, the production capacity varies with the size. Customers can choose the machine that suits them according to their needs. By the way, we provide customized services. If you have other requirements, we can also customize them for you.

Fish dryer machine design

The fish drying equipment consists of a heat pump heating system, a drying box, an automatic dehumidification system, a temperature control system, and an intelligent control system. The main engine is designed with sealing and heat insulation, without danger. The heat in the drying box is released from the polycarbonate plate to the drying chamber. The fish dryer is reasonably designed and has the characteristics of high drying efficiency and low cost.

Structure of fish dryer
structure of fish dryer

Fish drying technology

The fish drying temperature of the fish dryer machine should be set at about 30 ℃. During the drying process, pay attention not to discharge moisture and dry too fast. Secondly, a large amount of circulating air volume and wind speed shall be maintained in the drying process. This is mainly to inhibit bacterial growth, low-temperature, and high-temperature differentiation.

In the fish drying process, The temperature of the fish shall be uniform, and the water vapor shall be taken away in time. Avoid water vapor staying on the material surface. Dry until the fish maw and gills cannot squeeze out the water. In this way, the color, smell, and taste of dried fish can be effectively protected.

It should be noted that the dried fish should preferably be the fish whose viscera and scales have been removed. Taizy meat machinery has an automatic fish descaling machine and fish deboner machine for sale.

Dried fish
Dried Fish
Dried fish 2
Dried Fish 2

What are the advantages of the machine?

  1. Intelligent control system. The PLC intelligent touchscreen control panel can set the temperature and dehumidification in different time periods. This can ensure the quality of the drying materials.
  2. Energy saving. The operation cost of the air-energy heat pump fish drying machine is low. Its cost is 30% of that of electric heating equipment and 60% of that of coal dryer.
  3. The machine has high working efficiency. Compared with drying fish with the sun, the fish dryer machine can work continuously for 24 hours.
  4. High quality. The machine is made of high-quality thermal insulation materials, with the characteristics of long service life and safety.
  5. Good sealing performance. The sealing and thermal protection of the machine are first-rate.

Application scope of the fish drying machine

Our fish drying equipment can not only dry all kinds of fish, but also dry fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, nuts, herbs, and barbecue charcoal.

Wide application
wide application

Precautions for using fish dryer machine

  1. The temperature of fish in the early stage of drying shall not be too high to avoid high temperaturess affecting the ripening and storage time of fish.
  2. The water content of fish is relatively high. In addition, there are fats and oils in fish, which can cause difficulty in dehydration. Therefore, it is critical to control the dehydration speed.
  3. Keep a certain air volume during fish drying to avoid water vapor staying on the material surface.