It is well known that fish is good for human health. The research shows that compared with those who eat red meat, those who eat fish meat have a 21%, 30%, 21%, and 22% lower risk of ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke, and heart failure respectively. Therefore, the fish meat bone separator has a very broad market.

Fish meat bone separator
fish meat bone separator

Inquiry received from the customer in Malaysia

In February 2022, we received an inquiry from Malaysia. The customer said that he wanted a fish meat bone separator with a capacity of 300 kg/hour. I hope we can send him the quotation for the machine as soon as possible.

Communication process

After receiving the customer’s email, our sales Elva quickly contacted the customer on WhatsApp. According to the customer, he runs a fish farm in Malaysia, and he is looking for machines for his customers. After knowing the customer’s needs, Elva sent the model, video, and pictures of the fish deboner machine to the customer. And quoted the price to the customer. The customer was very satisfied with the fish meat bone separator, but the price needs to be discussed with his customer. After two weeks of communication, the customer paid us a deposit. Subsequently, the factory arranged the delivery.