Fish is the meat we often eat in our daily life. Its protein content is twice that of pork. It belongs to high-quality protein. The absorption rate of the human body is also very high. The fish is delicious, but the fish bones are very annoying. The fish meat separator can solve this problem well.

Fish deboner machine
fish deboner machine

Functions of fish meat separator

The fish deboner machine is basically composed of a feeding funnel, a working roller, a tension balance crankshaft, a surimi discharge port, a fish bone discharge port, a conveyor belt tension handle, a conveyor belt, a transmission work box, and a scraper tension knob, a motor and a motor cover.

The fish deboner machine can separate the fish meat, bone, skin, and muscle in the fish’s body. This can improve the utilization rate of raw materials and save labor costs. At the same time, it can also improve the economic value of low-value fish. The extracted fish meat can be directly used to produce various surimi products: fish balls, fish noodles, fish glue, fish dumplings, and other fish sauce raw materials.

Fish bones and skins come out of the machine
fish bones and skins come out of the machine

What are the advantages of the machine?

This fish meat separator has a reasonable design, low-temperature rise during operation, and high efficiency. High-quality stainless steel materials are used for parts contacting food and appearance. The materials meet the requirements of food hygiene standards. It is especially suitable for food processing enterprises with high hygiene requirements. Therefore, if you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.