Chicken feet are a popular delicacy in many cultures around the world. However, the process of skinning chicken claws is both time-consuming and tedious.

Therefore, the chicken feet skin peeling machine has become an essential food processing machinery. It can help you skin chicken claws quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Chicken feet skin peeling machine
chicken feet skin peeling machine

What does a chicken feet peeling machine do?

Chicken feet skin removing machine is a kind of poultry equipment for skinning chicken feet quickly and efficiently. The working principle of the machine is to drive the rotation of the bottom shaking disk through the reducer so that the chicken feet in the cylinder for screw rotation. The final use of mutual friction principle to complete the chicken feet skin removal work. With the commercial chicken feet peeling machine can quickly remove the skin of the chicken, while also retaining the integrity of the meat.

Overall, the chicken feet skin peeling machine is an essential piece of equipment that can improve the efficiency and quality of chicken claw processing. It is also the main machine in the chicken feet processing line.

Chicken feet
chicken feet

Parameters of automatic chicken feet skin peeling machine

Motor power2.2kw/380v
Water consumption7-8t/day

Advantages of commercial chicken feet peeling machine

  1. A chicken claw peeler is the best way to peel chicken feet. It can help you save time and allow users to peel more chicken feet in less time.
  2. In the chicken feet peeling process, the machine can ensure the integrity of the chicken feet and will not cause harm to the chicken feet.
  3. Easy to operate. The chicken feet skin peeling machine is very simple to use, a person can also operate this machine very well.
  4. Stainless steel material.
  5. The high degree of automation.
Commercial chicken feet peeling machine
commercial chicken feet peeling machine

How to buy a suitable chicken feet peeler machine?

Before buying a chicken feet peeler, you need to consider the number of chicken feet you want to process, the level of automation you want, and your budget. As long as you consider these factors clearly buy a machine that meets your requirements.

Chicken feet processing
chicken feet processing

Types of chicken feet skin peeling machine

There are several different types of chicken feet peeler machines available on the market today. Some machines are designed for home use, while another type of machine is designed for commercial settings such as food processing plants. That is, we have the commercial chicken feet peeler machine. If you need a commercial chicken feet skin peeling machine feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.