Commercial bone saw machine are machines designed to cut animal bones and frozen meats. The operator can easily cut common bones and frozen meats to the desired size. This machine can be found in many slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.

Bone saw machine
bone saw machine

Structure of the machine

The electric meat bone saw machine consists of a motor, circular saw, electronically controlled work plate, flat table, and frame. The resulting simple structure of the machine also means that it is easy to maintain and use.

Advantages of the commercial bone saw machine

  1. Stainless steel material. The parts of the machine in contact with the ingredients are made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards.
  2. High stability of the commercial bone saw machine. Thickened plane table can ensure that even large bones to cut will not move.
  3. The safety lever design makes the meat bone saw machine more secure.
  4. The Saw belt pressure tensioning device is easy to install and adjust the band.
  5. Easy to clean.
Bone saw machine for sale
bone saw machine for sale

Uses of the electric bone saw machine

The commercial bone saw machine is used in a wide range of applications. It can not only cut small and medium-sized animal bones, but it can also cut frozen meat and frozen fish. Similarly, the machine can also cut ribs and fresh meat. Therefore, the machine is widely used in meat plants, food processing plants, slaughterhouses, large restaurants, etc. At Taizy Meat Machinery, we also have specialized meat cutting machine and bone crushing machine for sale.


How to use bone saw machine?

  1. Adjust the left and right position of the driven wheel. Loosen and secure the set screw on the pin bushing. Move the sliding locating pin to the correct position.
  2. Adjust the pitch angle of the driven shaft. Loosen (or tighten) the outer bolt of the cover to adjust the pitch angle of the driven shaft.
  3. Adjust the looseness of the saw blade to prevent it from sliding when sawing bones.
  4. Start the motor.
  5. Put the bones and the material to be cut on the removable shelf.
  6. Then push the material forward until it passes through the toothed tool.
  7. Finally, the ingredients will be cut into the desired size
Commercial meat band saw
commercial meat band saw

Commercial meat band saw safety instructions

  1. The operator should wear protective gloves when cutting to avoid injury caused by the saw blade to human body when mishandling.
  2. When pushing the meat use the meat pushing rod, not directly pushing the meat by hand, and not pushing the meat rod. Do not push the meat directly with your hands to avoid accidents.
  3. In the process of using the commercial bone saw machine if you encounter a jam or other abnormalities need to immediately unplug the power for maintenance. Also note that the machine should not be overhauled in the case of power on, so as not to cause safety accidents due to machine abnormalities.
  4. In the use of the safe distance and focus on the operation, do not mix raw and cooked meat cutting, so as not to cause microbial contamination.