In order to separate meat from the bone, we can use a bone meat separator to help us. The working principle of the equipment is that the rubber roller rotates to compress the meat and separate it. Then crush the lean meat and bone into a paste. The use of this equipment can greatly increase the economic benefits of meat processing factories.

Meat bone separator
meat bone separator

Types of bone meat separator

  1. Extrusion separation type. Use a piston or cylinder and other devices to push the product through the orifice plate with the help of the high pressure of the piston or cylinder. Then extrude the meat from the skeleton. And the bone will remain in the cavity. Then take out the remaining bone and put it into the new raw bone. Users need to operate the bone and meat separator in a reciprocating cycle and cannot work continuously.
  2. Belt separation type. The belt rotates around a drum with a mesh. Bones will transport between belts and rollers. With the help of the pressure generated by the belt and the drum, the meat is will extrude from the sieve. The residual bone remains between the belt and the drum until it is removed.
  3. Rotary separation type (divided into high-speed and low-speed). Raw materials are conveyed to the hopper by a meat grinder, meat pump, or other equipment. The screw rotates in a narrow cavity. The raw material is driven by the screw in the cavity. Under the compression of the screw, the meat will come out of the holes and grooves of the cavity. The remaining bone will discharge from the end under the driving of the screw. And the external force comes from the screw and the cavity. In the low-speed rotary type, a pair of feed screws are used to drive the raw materials to be pre-crushed, and the working screws cooperate with the cavity to complete the meat extrusion. Unlike the high-speed rotary type, the low-speed rotary type uses a conical separation chamber. The role of the feed screw is equivalent to that of the meat pump.
Working process of meat bone separator
working process of meat bone separator


The above are three different kinds of bone meat separator. At present, what we sell best is a rotary separation-type poultry deboning machine. This machine is also popular with customers in many countries. If you need, please feel free to contact us.