The chicken bone grinder is the best grinder for chicken bones. It can grind crushed chicken bones into bone mud. This chicken bone grinder has strong grinding and shearing power.

Therefore, it has a wide range of applications. He is used in many chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, and even the construction industries. Similarly, this bone grinding machine can also grind crushed cow bone, crushed pig bone, crushed sheep bone, and other crushed animal bones. Therefore, bone mashers are often used in conjunction with bone crushing machines.

Multifunction bone grinding machine
multifunction bone grinding machine

Structure of chicken bone grinder

The main structure of the machine includes an inlet, stator, rotor, adjustable handle, cooling structure, water injection port, motor, discharge port, and machine guard. All these main parts are made of stainless steel. Therefore, this machine has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability.

Chicken bone grinding machine structure
chicken bone grinding machine structure

How does the chicken bone grinding machine work?

The chicken bone paste grinding machine consists of a high-speed rotating dynamic grinding plate and a fixed grinding plate. The gap between the movable and fixed grinding plates can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the required fineness index by means of a fine-tuning system.

Firstly, the operator needs to put the crushed chicken bone into the feeding port. Then the material will enter the working gap between the grinding plates from the hopper. Then the material enters between the relatively moving dynamic and fixed grinding devices under the action of centrifugal force. The chicken bones are sheared and ground by the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating grinding discs through the adjustable grinding disc gap. The final product is chicken bone mud.

Machine parameters

Material fineness(um)20-7020-7020-7020-7020-7020-70
Motor power(kw)
Rotate speed (r/min)≈3000≈3000≈3000≈3000≈3000≈3000
Hopper height(cm)142530404545
Cooling systemYesYesYesYesNoNo

Above are 6 models of chicken bone grinding machines with different outputs and sizes. The output of the machines is 0.2-0.8t/h, 0.2-2t/h, 0.2-3t/h, 2-4t/h, 2-6t/h, and 2-8t/h. Customers can choose the right chicken bone grinder according to their needs.

Model of chicken bone grinder
model of chicken bone grinder

What are the advantages of chicken bone grinder?

  1. The main parts of the machine are made of corrosion and wear-resistant stainless steel.
  2. Wide application. The chicken bone grinder can not only grind all kinds of meat, but also be used to make peanut butter, ketchup, chili sauce, and other kinds of sauce.
  3. The gap between the movable and fixed grinding pieces of the machine can be adjusted as needed.
  4. The temperature of the material can be controlled. Model JM-50, JM-85, JM-130, and JM-150 machines are equipped with a circulating water cooling system.
  5. The die head can also be adjusted and replaced according to the nature and characteristics of the material at will.
  6. Customized service. We can provide customized service according to customers’ needs.
Wear resistant fittings
wear resistant fittings

Application scope

Taizy chicken bone grinder can process poultry bones, such as chicken bones, duck bones, etc. Similarly, it can process livestock bones, such as pig bones, beef bones, sheep bones, etc. Besides, you can also use it to grind meat. Chicken bone grinding machine is widely used in various sausage, ham, lunch meat, meatballs, pet food, frozen food, catering ingredients, bone broth, chondroitin, bone glue, bone powder, high calcium food, health care products, biopharmaceuticals, and other industries. Therefore, customers can use this machine for multiple purposes and it is a veritable multifunctional grinder.

Poultry bones and livestock bones
poultry bones and livestock bones

How to choose the best chicken bone grinder machine?

  1. Grinding strength. If you want to use a chicken bone grinder to grind more kinds of bones, then you need to choose a machine with higher grinding strength.
  2. Ease of use. The machine needs to be easy to use.
  3. The best choice of machine material is stainless steel machine. This prevents rusting and is more durable.
Bone grinder machine
bone grinder machine

Where to buy chicken bone grinder?

You can buy chicken bone grinder online. With the development of information technology and the logistics industry, we can buy the goods we need from many countries in the world. As a manufacturer specializing in meat machinery, Taizy Meat Machinery, we have rich experience in export and machinery production. So far, customers from more than 20 countries have bought machines from our company. Therefore, if you need a chicken bone grinding machine, please feel free to contact us.

Bone grinder machine
bone grinder machine