In January 2024, our esteemed client from Romania, a thriving player in the seafood industry, made a wise investment in our cutting-edge meat processing machinery by purchasing the TZ-150 fish bone separator machine from Taizy Meat Machinery. This article delves into the customer’s background, the rationale behind choosing our equipment, the remarkable features of the fish deboning machine, and the impeccable after-sales service that dispelled any lingering doubts.

Fish deboning machine
fish deboning machine

Customer Background

Our Romanian client, deeply entrenched in the seafood business, faced the perennial challenge of optimizing fish processing efficiency. With a keen eye on enhancing productivity and maintaining the quality of their processed fish products, they sought a reliable solution. Recognizing the importance of streamlining their operations, they turned to Taizy Meat Machinery for a cutting-edge fish bone separator machine.

The Rationale for Choosing Taizy’s Fish Bone Separator Machine

The decision to purchase the TZ-150 fish bone separator machine from Taizy Meat Machinery was driven by careful consideration of the machine’s specifications and its alignment with the client’s production needs. The client was particularly impressed by the machine’s robust build, efficient performance, and the promise of increased processing capacity.

Fish bone separator machine
fish bone separator machine

Machine Advantages

The TZ-150 fish bone separator machine boasts a formidable set of features that make it an indispensable asset in the fish processing industry. With a powerful 2.2kw motor operating at 380v 50hz, three-phase voltage, the machine delivers consistent and reliable performance. Its impressive processing capacity of 180kg/h ensures a rapid and seamless separation of fish bones from the meat, significantly reducing manual labor and enhancing overall productivity.

Furthermore, the machine’s compact design (900x680x850) makes it space-efficient, allowing our client to optimize their production floor layout. The machine’s weight of 180kg ensures stability during operation, contributing to a safe and controlled processing environment.

The client was particularly pleased with the user-friendly interface of the TZ-150, which facilitates easy operation and adjustment. The adaptability of the machine to different fish species further impressed the client, making it a versatile solution for their varied processing needs.

Shipment picture
shipment picture

Impeccable After-Sales Service

Taizy Meat Machinery takes pride in providing exceptional after-sales service, and this played a crucial role in assuaging any concerns the client may have had. Our team of dedicated technicians offers comprehensive training on machine operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This proactive approach not only instilled confidence in the client but also ensured that the machine’s performance remained optimal throughout its lifecycle.

In conclusion, the acquisition of the TZ-150 fish bone separator machine by our Romanian client exemplifies the successful synergy between cutting-edge technology and industry-specific needs. The machine’s outstanding features, coupled with Taizy Meat Machinery’s commitment to impeccable after-sales service, resulted in a satisfied and loyal customer.

As the seafood industry in Romania continues to evolve, our state-of-the-art fish bone separator machine is a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.