The demand for efficient fish cutting machines is on the rise, especially in the food processing industry. When it comes to purchasing the ideal fish cutting machine, factors such as price, capacity, dimensions, power, weight, and voltage play a pivotal role in decision-making.

In this guide, we will delve into the specifications and prices of two cutting-edge fresh fish cutting machines offered by Taizy Meat Machinery: the TZ-400 and TZ-600 models.

Fresh fish cutting machine
fresh fish cutting machine

Specifications of Taizy Fresh Fish Cutting Machine

TZ-400 Fresh Fish Cutting Machine

  • Capacity: With a range of 200-400kg/h, the TZ-400 model is suited for small to medium-scale fish processing operations.
  • Dimension: Measuring 520x350x800mm, this model is compact and suitable for facilities with limited space.
  • Power: With a power of 1.5kw, it strikes a balance between energy efficiency and effective cutting capabilities.
  • Weight: Weighing 70kg, it is relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver within the processing facility.
  • Voltage: Operating at 220v, it ensures compatibility with standard power supplies.
Fish cutter equipment for sale
small and large fish cutter equipment for sale

TZ-600 Fish Cutter Equipment

  • Capacity: With an expanded capacity of 400-600kg/h, the TZ-600 model is designed for larger-scale fish processing requirements.
  • Dimension: Relatively larger at 710x660x1010mm, it accommodates higher processing volumes.
  • Power: With a power of 2.2kw, it delivers enhanced cutting prowess, catering to more demanding processing needs.
  • Weight: Weighing 100kg, it provides stability during operation and ensures durability.
  • Voltage: Operating at 380v, it suits facilities with higher power supply capacities.

Comparing the Price of TZ-400 and TZ-600

When it comes to investing in fresh fish cutting machines, it’s essential to consider the pricing in line with the specific requirements of the operation. The TZ-400 model, with its moderate capacity and specifications, is competitively priced at $2000-3500. On the other hand, the TZ-600 model, catering to higher processing demands, is priced at $3000-5000, reflecting its enhanced capabilities and larger dimensions.

Factors Influencing the Pricing

  1. Capacity: The increased processing capacity of the TZ-600 contributes to its relatively higher price compared to the TZ-400.
  2. Power and Voltage: The higher power and voltage requirements of the TZ-600 also contribute to its price variation.
  3. Dimension and Weight: The larger size and increased weight of the TZ-600 reflect its higher manufacturing costs, contributing to its price disparity with the TZ-400.

Understanding the significance of the specifications and pricing of fish cutter equipment is crucial in making an informed decision for your fish processing needs. Whether it’s the moderate processing requirements of the TZ-400 or the enhanced capabilities of the TZ-600, Taizy Meat Machinery provides versatile solutions to meet diverse industry demands. By considering factors such as capacity, power, voltage, dimension, and pricing, you can select the ideal fish cutting machine that aligns with your specific operational requirements and budget.