Automatic meat cutting machine is one of the most important machines in meat processing machinery. It can cut all kinds of meat into small pieces of uniform size. Therefore, as long as they are engaged in the meat processing industry, they basically need this machine. At the same time, this machine is also a popular one in our company. In March 2022, French customer Alexander ordered a chicken cutting machine from our company.

Chicken cutting machine for sale
chicken cutting machine for sale

Customer background

According to the customer, he has a meat packaging and processing plant and wants to buy a commercial meat cutter mainly for cutting chicken and pork. The customer also said that if he could, he would also like to use this machine to cut fish. In the process of communication, the customer said that he needed a automatic meat cutting machine with an output of 500 kilograms per hour. At the same time, he also needs to use this machine to process frozen meat and fresh meat at the same time.

Good communication process

Amy is our sales representative. She is responsible for communicating with Alexander. According to the customer’s needs, Amy recommended the meat cube cutter machine model TZ-150 to the customer. In order to better cut frozen meat, Amy specially equipped PE plates for customers. And recommended the parts be replaced by customers to prevent affecting subsequent production. After a month of communication, Alexander was very satisfied with Amy’s service and machines. Then he paid us a 50% deposit, and we then arranged the delivery for him.

Automatic meat cutting machine in our factory
automatic meat cutting machine in our factory

Why do customers choose us?

  1. The sales representative can timely solve the problems encountered by customers.
  2. The meat chopper is of high quality.
  3. The automatic meat cutting machine is easy to use and maintain.