The chicken chopper machine can cut the whole chicken. Users can also use it for cutting small pieces of frozen meat and chicken ribs. 304 stainless steel is used for the parts of the automatic chicken chopping machine in contact with food. The surface is also subject to very special treatment. Therefore, this machine is suitable for food processing plants and frozen markets.

Meat cutter machine in our factory
meat cutter machine in our factory

What is the feature of the automatic chicken chopper machine?

  1. The small full-automatic chicken processing equipment has a flat body. All stainless steel sealing plate conforms to food hygiene. Therefore, it is easy to clean.
  2. The thickness adjustment plate can adjusts the processing thickness.
  3. Because the chicken cutting machine is equipped with a safety pressure bar design. This can improve workplace safety.
  4. The machine is waterproof, easy to clean, safe, and sanitary.
  5. The hen cutting machine has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, and good bone cutting effect.
Cutter of chicken chopper machine
the cutter of the chicken chopper machine

Advantages of the machine

This machine is suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, schools, collective canteens, and other places. The biggest advantage of the new table-type chicken chopper machine is no loss. The use of special cutting tools will not produce meat. This protects your interests to the greatest extent. And the machine can be operated automatically and manually. Traditional bone sawing produces minced meat. And the saw mouth is wasted seriously. According to reliable data, every 100kg will consume 4-5kg. But our chicken chopper machine has zero consumption. Save you money.