As a machine specialized in crushing bones, beef bone grinder are widely used in various countries. In February 2022, a British customer, Harry, ordered a beef bone grinder from our company to crush cattle bones.

Beef bone grinder
beef bone grinder

Our communication process

Through communication with the customer, we learned that the customer wanted to use the meat and bone grinder to crush the cattle bones. The output requirement is 500 kg/h. Then Selina, our salesman, recommended the TZ-500 beef bone grinder to customers. The output of this machine is 200-600kg/h, the feeding size is 500 * 250mm, the power is 11kW, the weight is 800kg, and the size is 1200 * 1000 * 1700.

Then we sent detailed pictures and working videos of the machine to the customer. The customer was satisfied with the machine. Then the customer paid us a deposit for the machine. Then we arranged the delivery.

Picture of beef bone grinder delivery

The machine is being sent to the port
the machine is being sent to the port