When choosing a frozen meat dicing machine, you should first determine the type of materials you cut. To determine whether the meat is with or without bones, frozen meat or fresh meat, and the size of the diced meat. These are all considered before purchasing the frozen meat dicer.

Tips for choosing frozen meat dicing machine

  1. If you cut beef or pork, which has no bones in the meat, and it is frozen meat, you can choose Taizy frozen meat dicing machine. If it is a large frozen meat, it usually needs to be cut one or two times before it can be cut into a suitable size.
  2. If the meat is cut at a temperature of three or four degrees below zero, we can also use our meat cubing machine. The customer can adjust the knife interval according to the size of the diced meat. Because the tool rest needs to be customized, the specifications need to be calculated in advance for customization.
  3. If the meat is at room temperature, you need to buy a fresh meat dicer. Taizy also has the fresh meat dicing machine for sale.
Frozen meat dicing machine
frozen meat dicing machine


The above are the main considerations for choosing a machine for dicing meat. The frozen meat dicing machine has the advantage of compact structure. In addition, it is equipped with stepless speed regulation button to meet different cutting sizes of users. It is an ideal equipment for meat cutting.