The industrial meat dicer can be used to dice frozen meat, fresh meat, and cooked meat products. The machine is highly efficient. Therefore, this machine is the first choice for cutting meat into meat pieces, meat shreds, and meat strips. Therefore, the electric meat dicer is welcomed by meat processing plants, frozen food plants, leisure food plants, Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, chain catering enterprises, large supermarkets, schools, large logistics catering, and central kitchens.

Application of frozen meat dicing machine
application of frozen meat dicing machine

Machine features

  1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and the blade is made of alloy steel to avoid pollution.
  2. All welded body is stable and have low noise.
  3. It is widely used for cutting frozen pork, beef, mutton, boneless chicken, fish, etc.
  4. Adjust the thickness cutting knob to adjust the tip speed of the push rod to meet the requirements of different cutting thicknesses.
  5. The preloading design is adopted to ensure that the diced meat is evenly cut.
Industrial meat dicer details
industrial meat dicer details

Correct use of industrial meat dicer

  1. Please clean the machine with water before using the machine. Please be careful not to wet the motor.
  2. The power plug must be inserted into the socket through the grounding wire.
  3. The material shall not contain bones, otherwise, the cutter will be damaged.
  4. When cutting meat, please put materials evenly into the feed port to prevent blocking.
  5. After use, turn off the power in time, remove the movable part, wash it with water, and then install the industrial meat dicer completely.