The electric fish scaler machine is a machine that can replace manual descaling. It can remove the scales of many fish at a time. Generally, all scales can be removed in about 20 seconds. The automatic fish descaling machine will not hurt the fish during operation.

Working characteristics of electric fish scaler machine

To use, simply pour the fish into the machine and press the power switch. The machine will stop automatically after the fish scales are removed. Finally, pull the fish outlet under the automatic fish scaler machine, and the fish with scales scraped will come out of the machine outlet. This machine has the advantages of saving time, labor and labor. And the descaling rate can reach 99%.

The fish scaler makes use of the rotation effect to descale the fish in motion without causing damage to the fish. The scales are discharged automatically, and the fish will discharge at the mouth.

Electric fish scaler machine
electric fish scaler machine

Advantages of automatic fish scaler machine

  1. The electric fish scaler machine is made of stainless steel, which has the advantages of easy cleaning, no rust and long service life.
  2. The machine is easy to operate.
  3. The machine has high working efficiency.
  4. For merchants selling fish, it is a simple way to remove scales. The operator only needs to pour the fish into the machine and press the switch to remove the scales automatically. This is the best fish descaling tool.