Commercial burger making machine is a machine that can make all kinds of meat into patties. In September 2022, our Spanish customer Alonzo purchased a commercial burger patty maker from our company. The customer has already received the machine and put it into production.

Commercial burger making machine
commercial burger making machine

Why did the customer buy the commercial burger making machine?

Alonzo is the owner and founder of a meat machinery factory in Spain. According to the customer, he is a supplier of burger stores around their city. With the expansion of his business, he needed to buy a brand-new patty machine to meet his production needs. Therefore, he sent an inquiry to us via

Communication Process

After learning about the customer’s needs, our business manager Emma Fish contacted the customer. We sent the customer pictures, videos, and machine models of the machine. We learned that the customer already had a large burger patty machine and now he wanted a small machine to make meat patties with a diameter of 110mm and a thickness of 20mm. After more than 1 month of communication, the customer decided to buy a small commercial burger making machine with a garbage cleaning function. And we settled on the patty moulder. After 30 days of transportation by sea, the machine arrived at the port of valencia.

What are the parameters of the machine?

Voltage220V50HZ Single phase
Max diameter12cm
Max thickness2cm