As a machine for making meatballs, the commercial meatball maker machine has become the main machine for making meatballs. Many customers want to know “Which type of meatball machine is better?”. As a manufacturer specializing in meat processing machinery, the Taizy meatball making machine is undoubtedly a good choice.

Why do customers choose our commercial meatball maker machine?

From the point of view of the production process of meatballs, if you want to ensure the taste of meatballs, the production of meat paste is a very critical step.
Taizy meat grinder is made of stainless steel, which can grind meat in a short time. Then, through our meatball mechanism, we can make meatballs with a smooth and delicate appearance, crisp taste, good elasticity, and good toughness.

Commercial meatball maker machine
commercial meatball maker machine

What are the types of meatball machines?

Meatball forming machine

There are generally two types of meatball maker machines on the market. One is the meatball forming machine, and the other is the wrapped meatball machine.
The commercial meatball maker machine is made of stainless steel, and the diameter of meatballs can reach 15-35mm. The machine can make all kinds of crisp, resilient, and elastic pork balls, fish balls, beef balls, tribute balls, and chicken balls. You can also use it as a meatball making machine for home.

Meatball wrapping machine

The meat ball wrapping machine is molding equipment for wrapping meat products. It can produce various sizes of wrapped fish balls, wrapped pork balls, wrapped beef balls, and wrapped tribute balls. And it can be used to make all kinds of balls without filling. The produced meatballs are characterized by many fillings, good roundness, and sanitary and convenient production speed.